Since I have been receiving reflexology treatments, I am so very aware of the increase in my energy levels. ... This in turn boosts my overall sense of well being. Pain ... is easier to manage, and my quality of life is much improved... It means such a lot to me ... to be so much less hampered by my condition.
— Kathy W

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which is based on the principle that the various organs, glands and systems of the body are represented in the feet and hands.

 Who can benefit from reflexology?

Most people can benefit from reflexology because it is a method used for activating the healing powers of the body and helping it to maintain or restore its own healthy balance.     

 More and more people are using reflexology as a tool to bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

 However, it is worth considering that you do not need to be affected by a particular ailment to have a treatment. It can be used as a supportive measure to look after yourself.

 How long will a session last?

I usually allow one hour (a little longer on your first visit) from the moment you come in to the moment you leave but the actual reflexology session lasts about fifty minutes.

 What will happen during a session?

On your first visit, I will ask various questions about your health and lifestyle. 

 We will then proceed with the reflexology treatment as such. You will need to take your shoes and socks/tights off and make your way to a reclining chair.

 The treatment will consist of using my hands to apply pressure on specific points on the feet.

 How much will it cost?

One treatment costs £45 and a course of six treatments cost £230. You have up to one year to use those treatments.

 How many treatments will you need?

This will be discussed at the end of your first treatment and will be totally dependent on your reasons for coming.

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